About Glowy

Glowy began as a passion project after I started learning more about how to take care of my own skin health, and finding online skincare communities. (Thank you r/skincareaddiction and r/asianbeauty!)

I was trying to find out what worked best for my own skin, and realized that to assess that accurately, I would need to start tracking what I was doing, and how my skin was reacting in a meaningful way. From there, Glowy was born -- I started building the tools that I was most interested in using -- tools to keep track of my routine, and how and when it changed, to journal how my skin fared on a daily basis, and to monitor my own progress.

Glowy helped me to get to know my skin better, and to find my own best routine to optimize my skin health. I hope it can help you do the same!

Keep on glowing,